Here you will find my story about my journey with the Tarot cards. I will also tell you how I am currently using Tarot cards, and what is important to me right now.


My story

Who am I? In fact, I don't think that's an important question at all – I think Tarot cards are more important than I am, so let them speak for themselves. However, I will share with you my own story, because it is important to understand that we each have to start somewhere.

So let's dive far into the past first, and then into the present.

I had my first contact with Tarot cards and divination back in my childhood. My mother's friend was the trusted fortune-teller in their circle of friends, and I remember that about twice a year they gathered to sit down for an evening together, and at the same time it was also possible to get a reading. As a child, I was really interested in this, and I was feverishly waiting for me to turn 15, which was the age limit for my mother's friend to do readings.

Then, when I turned 15, I got involved in this biannual rhythm of Tarot readings. I was very drawn to Tarot cards, but I thought that I, an ordinary girl, could never use them. There was something so utterly magical and sacred about them.

Even though I can't think of predicting the future from cards these days, it did give me my first contact with the cards and it also gave me the opportunity to see how much power they can have at their best.

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The years passed and the readings became less frequent. Then, through many happy coincidences, a new friend came into my life, in whose life the cards played an important role. Her mother, too, was a skilled card reader. With them, I came to understand that we all have the ability to use cards. Reading the cards is not magic that requires some special, extraordinary seer abilities. I began to dream of my own Tarot deck.

Then the pandemic began in 2020. Suddenly, I had more free time than I had in years, and on the other hand, also a burning desire to understand the world and myself. Life was so unpredictable. I wanted to find answers with the cards.

I asked my friend for help on how on earth to get started. Which deck would I get, and what about books? My friend recommended the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, as well as Liz Dean's book, in which the traditional meanings of Tarot cards are opened up. She also lent me a bunch of books to get me started.

That's where it started. I immersed myself in the meanings of Tarot cards, history, mythology, the basics of astrology, the signs of the zodiac, numerology, chakras, intuition... This all completely took me by the wayside. When I discovered Lindsay Mack's podcast, my understanding of Tarot cards deepened tremendously. What a wonderful world this is!

Photo: Vilhelmiina Visuals

I myself do not predict the future at all. For me, the meaning and message of Tarot cards crystallizes in the present. Each of us is building our own future. This is where Tarot cards can help. They are the messenger of our subconscious, and the manifestation of the common consciousness. We can take exactly what we need from their messages and leave the rest aside.

And while I've wanted to delve into a wide range of theories and thinking patterns around Tarot cards, it's important to understand that not all this information needed to be able to utilize the cards. As a rule, reading the cards from your own point of view is enough.

These pages contain my own thoughts on Tarot cards. I have found it particularly important to be able to share information related to Tarot cards. This is my calling.

My goal is to make it possible for everyone to use Tarot cards equally as part of life, as their own resource and as a light in the darkness. I want to work to gradually dissipate the beliefs and negative reputation associated with Tarot cards.

I offer courses to support your Tarot learning.

I also run a Tarot school, and I also coach entrepreneurs in the spiritual field to grow their businesses and use Tarot in client work.

I hope you enjoy the tips I share here on my website. I welcome your feedback and ideas, so please contact me.