Here you will find Tarot-related podcasts, books and websites, which I warmly recommend.


Tarot Themed Podcasts

– My personal favorite is definitely Lindsay Mack: Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast. A really big thumbs up for this! 

– I also like Jeff Hinsaw: Cosmic Cousins, a podcast in which, admittedly, astrology plays a more central role than tarot cards.

– Really deep into the mythology and symbolism is Fortune's Wheelhouse (unfortunately, there are no new episodes to come). The focus is strongly on mythology and Kabbalistic thought, so this may not be quite a pod aimed at the newbie.

Tarot books

Here are some books about Tarot that I think have been rewarding as I've familiarized myself with Tarot cards.

Books for beginners

- Mary K. Greer: Tarot for Your Self

- Liz Dean: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

– Liz Dean: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads

– Dusty White: The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever

Once you've gotten a little further than the beginning:

– Benebell Wen: Holistic Tarot

- Deborah Lipp: Tarot Interactions

- Sasha Graham: The Magic of Tarot, Your Guide to Intuitive Readings, Rituals and Spells

And when you're ready to dive deep into the world of Tarot:

– T. Susan Chang: Tarot Correspondences

- Rachel Pollack: Tarot Wisdom

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Benebell Wen there is an incredible amount of information here (for free) and e.g. a wide range of card deck reviews

Tarot for the Wild Soul – here you should look at book recommendations, spreads, etc.

- T.Susan Chang – miscellaneous current Tarot

The decks I use

- The Light Seer's Tarot 

- Tarot of Mystical Moments

The Spacious Tarot  

– Silver Witchcraft Tarot

- The Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

Dreams of Gaia Tarot – (which isn't exactly a traditional Tarot deck)

– Traditional Smith-Rider-Waite, of which I have two different versions

– In addition, I use The Lantern Oracle oracle cards.