Training for the full-time or part-time entrepreneur or light entrepreneur who dreams of growing their business and having a freer life, and who is interested in using Tarot cards in their client work.

What is training all about?

In the Resource-Based Tarot Coach Training, I support full-time or part-time entrepreneurs and light entrepreneurs to grow as resource-based Tarot coaches.

The aim of the training is to create a growth-oriented social media strategy that will enable you to live a freer and more prosperous life and grow your business. This training focuses on practice, not theory. We focus on action and results!

Results of the training


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Content of the training

  • Learn how to use Tarot cards to identify resources
  • Learn how to explore your own strengths with Tarot cards
  • Learn how to support your client's wellbeing with Tarot cards


Photo: Vilhelmiina Visuals

Delivery of training

  • Training videos that you can watch when it suits you best


The Resource Based Tarot Coach training is not a traditional training or a training where knowledge is shared and you are left alone with the tasks, but this training focuses on putting things into practice and focusing on action, because only action brings results. A personal trainer will help you along, walking alongside you and making sure you are doing the right things.

The training comes with a guarantee to ensure that your business starts to grow. In practice, the guarantee means that you will make a certain amount of sales during the training. The training will continue until you reach this target.

You can attend the Tarot School Tarot Box visitor talks at no extra cost. Visitors include amazing spiritual pathfinders and all-rounders.

  • If you want to grow your business or light entrepreneurship
  • If you want to take what you do to the next level
  • If you dream of a freer life and a life in line with your values

Feedback from customers on the training

Read here about customers' experiences of the training.

Samuli Lindgren
Tarot interpreter, Reiki Master

Photo by Samuli Lindgren

"The training of the Resource Tarot Coach has been a holistic coaching package. The networking that has taken place has brought the right people into your life at the right time. I work very broadly with both spiritual services and information technology, and have had a huge ah-ha experience with everything I do. 
Support in using the internet has been very welcome and sometimes you need a sparring partner to bounce ideas off, which Winter has always been when needed. Sometimes, even out-of-the-blue ideas have resulted in something brilliant.
The tasks and activities during the coaching have been motivating enough to drive my own business interests forward. And although the process is in many ways still unfinished, the foundation has been laid at least sustainably.
The capacity to launch and design new products is better than before, and now it's more likely that something will be ready to go, rather than just being designed all the time."
Niina Lääkkölä
Animal communicator and Tarot coach

Photo by Niina Lääkkölä

"I really got a lot out of the training. I learned a lot about Instagram, Tarot cards and marketing. I gained confidence in what I was doing and your constant support and really quick response to my messages was super important and gave me confidence in what I was doing. 
It also made me feel really important, when sometimes in the middle of a run you put a voicemail about something you had noticed about my training while I was jogging. 
The best part, apart from learning all the new things, was getting to know you and your wonderful fellow students. I liked the weekly meetings and the coffee breaks and they brought a sense of togetherness even though everyone was always working at their own point in the training. I also made some wonderful acquaintances there.
And although usually the Facebook groups in training are quiet, with this group they always got help when someone asked a question, I think just the weekly meeting also helped with that as everyone felt familiar. 
A wonderful training all in all and with all this new learning it is nice to continue developing my business. I knew it was a good decision to join, quite often the decision is just right for you if you listen to your intuition. 
And even though I felt like I made a quick decision on the phone, I had already thought about it before the whole call even started. And even though it was a big investment, it's worth investing both time and money in yourself, because this gave me a lot of new things for myself and the company. 
A super trip, thank you for doing this with me. I love it when you do. "